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I thank you and congratulate you for choosing Shridhar University for higher education.

Shridhar University Pilani(SDU) is a new generation multi-disciplinary University boasting of world-class Infrastructure. It provides an environment that is conducive to teaching and learning, it is adequately supported by innovative academic & research programs and practices. We have experienced and qualified faculty, the state of art laboratories & well planned residential spaces, along with a great eco-system for extracurricular & co-curricular activities. SDU enjoys a unique position to facilitate the all-round development of students personality to make them complete professional as well as good human beings.

I welcome you to Shridhar University fold & assure you that we will do our best to equip you with the knowledge and skills for your success in your life and in any career you choose.

Shridhar University(SDU) emerges as a state private University in 2010 at Pilani in Rajasthan, spreads over 60 acres of lavish green land. Within this very short period of time University successfully developed several multi disciplinary faculties with cutting edge state of art facilitated laboratories, smart class rooms and library.  SDU also provides in-campus accommodations to students and faculties   . 

 Our endeavor is to build up human morals and professional ethics among our students which turns them into technological and managerial leaders; capable of making differences in what so ever field they may be in the rest of their professional life

Our ideas for transforming SDU into one of the best university that we opt:

-          Collaborative research and teaching with leading Institute and industries

-          Inseparable research and teaching activities

-          Focus on student’s commitment to assignment and learning process.

-          Recruitments of experienced teaching staff.

-          SDU are committed to realizing the impact of  its work through innovation, exchange of  knowledge, enterprise and collaboration

-          Equality and respect for every person.

-          Contemporary syllabi development.

-          We seek to establish entrepreneurial spirit into our research culture and to create an environment in which both disciplinary and interdisciplinary

            excellence  could flourish.

We cordially invites you all aspirants for selecting our SDU for bright future.

As a Director(School of Medicine), I am more than convinced that students of the SDU will add tremendous value to the organizations that they choose to go to and contribute for the development of the nation.

I have a great pleasure in welcoming you to school of basic & Applied Sciences of Shridhar University, Pilani which has unfailingly remained as a treasure of both educational and human excellence. Real education is that which enables one to stand on one's own legs. Hence, we try to help the students to realize their potential for securing access to employment/ self-employment or engage themselves in pursuit of Higher Education. In addition to classroom teachings we always try to provide a conducive atmosphere to train the students in professional and soft skills such as teamwork, communication skills time management etc.; inculcate human values and professional ethics and the spirit of innovation/ entrepreneurship and critical thinking among the students and promote avenues for the display of these talents. Opportunity is provided for the students so that they can engage themselves in socially productive activities during their period of study in our University. Thus, our focus is to help the students to achieve academic excellence and nurture their latent potential.

I hope students in Shridhar University, Pilani will try to develop their personality in all possible ways during their studies and extracurricular activities, so that they can earn name and fame for themselves and for the University too. I request all the students, parents, and staff members to extend their wholehearted valuable support to enable our students to achieve their goal.

In my new role as Dean of Shridhar University, I am extremely proud of the excellent quality of the University’s programs. Our commitment to education, ethical and sustainable business practices, technology, and innovation draws top-notch undergraduate and graduate students as well as business leaders seeking a competitive edge through our education programs. we, at Shridhar University, realized that apart from conventional mode of teaching and learning, there was a need to develop softer but crucial aspects of management training “character” or “attitude” building, developing a mindset for holistic, systematic thinking and recognizing skills for administration; all these in addition to the conventional inputs towards development of analytic, rational skills. Pedagogic innovations based on a commitment to simple but practical objectives, namely ‘influencing practice’ and ‘promoting value-based growth’, have found deep roots in our academic program. Our mission is to educate and foster the habit of individual inquiry, lifelong technical learning, leadership, and achievement through top-quality academic opportunities and innovate and conduct research that will enable and inspire students to improve the quality of life, meet the technical needs of industry and government.