Message From The Founder Chairperson


We live challenging times. Myriad problems of illiteracy, global warming and deep economic recession continue to plague our world. The challenges to mankind at large are more daunting than ever before; however, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Since time immemorial, there has never been a problem so large that ignited minds could not solve it. Our history has always been the history of ordinary human being finding ways and means to achieve the extraordinary. Yet, today as a society, we have failed to inspire the current generation to grapple with the formidable by the future.

In order to create a generation that can truly conquer the world of tomorrow, it is essential to provide them with the foundation for individual transformation. This means that must be equipped with the latest tools a dynamic learning environment and the highest quality of relevant education. Only this can prepare them to compete and excel in the arena of the future. In an ever-changing world, what remains unchanged is the importance of age-old human values which have determined our success as history can remember the virtues of hard work, honesty, courage, tolerance, creativity, self-discipline and self-abnegation. It is the meeting of these values with unbridled technological and scientific innovation that can truly transform the world as we know it.

At Shridhar University, we are creating a global learning environment to inculcate individual and social transformation through a truly holistic education. By a holistic education, we mean one that is rooted in values but fueled by innovation - an education steeped in relevance to the present and application to the future. We aim to prepare students not only for the dynamic demands of the modern workplace but also to be an enlightened and empowered part of the resolution of national and global concerns. Shridhar University will create a hallmark generation of global citizens at home anywhere in the world but firmly grounded in their own cultural ethos. As a university and "city of learning," we remain committed to the future of humanity and the realization of human potential. We will always choose hope over cynicism, actions over words and excellence over mere competence. 

We believe that if anything or anyone has ever managed to change the world, it has been through learning and teaching. It is this power to transform that will be the greatest gift this university can offer our country and the world. 

With warm regards,
Late. Sh. Vijay Pal Yadav
Founding Chairperson