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M.Sc – CLINICAL EMBRYOLOGY (M.Sc- CE):- a post-graduation degree program spans for a duration of two years(02) and is divided into two parts i.e (part- I) and (part-II). Both parts envelope four semesters.(note- degree will be awarded by Shridhar University(Rajasthan) for which admissions will be taken by the school of embryology and assisted reproductive technology(SEART).:

1 MSc Clinical Embryology 2 Years

Course Opportunity:

Embryology is a new and growing field that offers an immense reputation and a fruitful career. The one who is having a degree in MSc Clinical Embryology will be able to work in an IVF lab or infertility clinic/ hospital as a Junior or Senior Embryologist and can maintain the lab. With experience, one can take more responsible positions as manager or Lab director. One can pursue a doctoral degree such as Ph.D. in Clinical embryology and work as a chief Clinical Embryologist/ scientist/ professor.

Course Objective:

After completion of this course, students will be able to acquire a basic understanding to work in an Andrology lab as well as being able to manage Embryology work (oocyte retrieval analysis, follicular fluid screening, fertilization check, Embryo development, Embryo Biopsy), etc. Will develop skills in micromanipulation of gametes and embryos. Will be able to handle cryopreservation procedure. Develop a mindset on how to handle a running IVF center. Will be able to teach clinical embryology.

Course Structure:

Students have to appear for theory as well as practical examinations at the end of each semester. In the 4th semester, students have to select a topic and work as an intern in an IVF set up to present a good thesis related to embryology.


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