भारत सरकार के आदेशनुसार सभी भुगतान सिर्फ चेक, ड्राफ्ट , ऑनलाइन या नेट बैंकिंग के द्वारा किये जाएंगे



Central Library houses many items of academic interest including text books, reference books, scientific and technical journals, along with electronic and audio-visual resources. Students have full access to the complete range of library resources with speedy delivery system between the departments. E-Library facility is also available in the University Campus.



At Shridhar, we have a wide range of IT enabled services being made available to students, including high-speed fiber-optic network for the whole campus. We are also rolling wireless connectivity across the campus. All new students will be provided with an email account and a free training for major software applications in the beginning.



Spacious, amphitheater style classrooms provide a supportive environment for dynamic and focused group discussion. Excellent technical design of these structures helps to support an effective delivery of lecture which is further augmented by integrated audio-visual teaching aid for any special purpose lectures, guest presentations, etc.



Shridhar University has several on-campus retail consumer outlets, convenience stores, etc. We have student bookshop and a branch of a local Post Office. They remain at your service on the campus, obviating your need to leave it any time.



Shridhar University has state of the art laboratories and workshops. Our up to date infrastructure acts as an effective facilitator for the delivery of the planned curriculum. Infrastructure in various departments includes necessary laboratories such as Electrical and Electronics labs, Physics lab, Chemistry lab, X-ray room, Physio-Therapy labs, Engineering Drawing facilities and Engineering Workshops etc.



Biometric Smart Card enabled campus will regulate movement and shall be helpful in promoting security of all individuals and property on the campus. An integrated security system at Shridhar University ensures safety and a fully secure academic learning environment.



Often a healthy body makes a healthy mind. To ensure student well being, Campus has a primary health care center with a physician. Campus also has 24 hours mobile-van designed and well equipped to attend to any medical emergencies and to provide any ambulance service, if needed by the residents in the university campus.



Student Cafeteria / Canteen exist on the campus to meet the demand of all the students and staff members in the University. A large range of meals and dining options are available in the campus. We have basic coffee shop, juice bar, food vending machines and retail outlets. These include Thai, Italian and a fair number of Indian food (curry) type meal options.



University’s network of transport buses will cover all nearby neighborhoods, including local communities and townships lying within a 50km. radius. It is designed for the convenience of our students and staff members who are residing outside the campus. This will ensure their personal safety, travel reliability and punctuality on the campus.



University will soon have local bank branch of the Bank of Baroda, located on our campus, designed to meet the ongoing financial needs of our students including accepting of applications for the interest free student loans and for any other daily transactions, and/or ATM based withdrawals etc.



University has a small service centre to assist our international students, and any other local students who may seek help in the matter. Especially for those who do plan to travel to any overseas locations for any academic or non academic purposes, this centre shall have qualified staff to assist and will provide the latest travel information or any required travel advisories, or any relevant information on any immigration formalities required for these jurisdictions.

It will help them further in the making of applications for temporary /permanent student visas and or for any other special Government of India / MHA / based permissions. We will help our foreign students register with the local FRRO’s office, to apply for the PIO or OCI registration cards, if required. We shall assist our students in making train-reservations and air-flight arrangements. A full time IATA approved travel agent and an immigration consultant will be made available to assist students on the campus.

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