Online entrance exam -

भारत सरकार के आदेशनुसार सभी भुगतान सिर्फ चेक, ड्राफ्ट , ऑनलाइन या नेट बैंकिंग के द्वारा किये जाएंगे



  • While booking the test schedule, the candidate must ensure that he/she has the following with him/her:
  • A photocopy of application form duly submitted.
  • Online booking password received on candidate’s e-mail IDs
  • In case of non availability of slots in a test centre of choice, the candidate may choose to book a slot in an alternative centre.
  • It is the responsibility of the candidate to book their test schedule in online test booking system in a given time frame. SU will not be held responsible for non bookings.
  • The entrance test fee will not be refunded under any circumstances for such cases.
  • OTBS is available only to those eligible candidates who have submitted the application forms complete in all respects on or before the last date mentioned for the respective courses.

E-hall ticket

  • The e-hall ticket will be generated once the candidate has booked his/her slot through OTBS.
  • The e-hall ticket will be issued to only those candidates who have booked slots using the OTBS before the booking end date as per the schedule being notified by the University.
  • The e-hall ticket will be sent to the e-mail ID provided in the application form.

Upload of e-hall ticket

  • The e-hall ticket will also be uploaded on the website on 15th May. The e-hall ticket indicates the e-hall ticket number, address of the test centre, test date & time selected by the candidate. Discrepancies, if any, must be brought to notice of admissions office either on phone or through e-mail to They will be required to provide the application form number and online booking password to download the e-hall ticket.
  • Candidates should take two print outs of the e-hall ticket using the print option on A4 size paper only. They should ensure that all information on the e-hall ticket including photograph is clearly visible on the print out.
  • Candidates should report to the selected test centre with the two copies of the e-hall ticket, one photocopy of the application form and any one of the following for photo identification: Passport/driving license/EC voter ID card/IT PAN Card or school/college photo-bearing ID card.
  • No candidate will be permitted to appear for the test without a valid e-hall ticket. One part of the e-hall ticket will be retained by the invigilator and the other part given back to the candidate as proof of his appearing in the test.
  • The candidates must not mutilate the e-hall ticket.
  • The e-hall ticket is an important document and it is not transferable to any other person. Impersonation is a legally punishable offence.
  • It must be preserved and produced at the time of counseling/admission.

Regulations at the test centre

  • Candidates should arrive at the test centre as per the reporting time mentioned in the e-hall ticket. There will be an on-site orientation prior to start of the test. If a candidate arrives after the on-site orientation has begun, he/she will not be allowed to take the test.
  • The test hall will be opened 30 minutes before commencement of the test.
  • If candidates do not report on time, they are likely to miss some of the general instructions to be announced in the test hall.
  • Candidates coming after the commencement of the test are not permitted to sit for the test. Candidate has to register his/her name at the registration counter.
  • E-hall tickets of the candidates will be checked to verify their identity.
  • Each candidate will be given a seat with a computer.
  • Candidates must find out and occupy their allotted seats at least 15 minutes before the commencement of the test.
  • Candidates will not be allowed to carry any textual material, printed or written, bit of papers or any other material except the e-hall ticket inside the test hall.
  • Candidates are also not permitted to bring calculators, slide rules, clark tables, electronic watches with facilities of calculators, laptop or palmtop computers, personal stereo systems, walkie-talkie sets, mobile phones, paging devices or any other object/device that is likely to be of unfair assistance.
  • No candidate will be allowed to go outside the test hall till the completion of the test duration. Once candidates leave the hall for whatsoever reasons, they will not be permitted to continue the examination

under any circumstances.

  • Smoking in the test hall is strictly prohibited.
  • Tea, coffee, cold drinks or snacks are also not allowed to be taken into the test hall.
  • There will not have waiting facilities for family and friends at the test centre.
  • Candidates should plan to meet them elsewhere after the test ends.
  • Candidates shall maintain perfect silence and attend to their questions only.
  • All actions of the candidates in the test hall will be closely monitored using web cameras and closed circuit TV cameras.
  • Any conversation or gesticulation or disturbance in the test hall shall be deemed as misbehavior and if a candidate is found using unfair means or impersonation, their candidature will be cancelled and they will be liable to be debarred from taking examination either permanently or for a specified period as decided by the University.
  • University reserved the right to withhold results of such candidates.
  • Candidates must sign the attendance sheet in the presence of the invigilator. The invigilator will also put his/her signature in the place provided in the e-hall ticket.

Online test procedure

  • The candidates must ensure that the computer allotted to them is switched on and any problem with the computer should be informed to the invigilator immediately.
  • Questions on the screen will be in English.
  • All questions will be multiple choice types. Each MCQ will consist of a stem which may be in the form of a question or an incomplete statement with four responses labeled A,B,C and D.
  • Only one of the four responses is the correct or most appropriate answer. Candidates must choose the correct or most appropriate answer by clicking on the button next to the answer.

Rough work

  • All rough work should be done in the paper supplied at the Test Centre. No paper/s should be taken to the test hall for this purpose.

Scoring, Negative Marking

  • Each question carries four marks. Each correct answer will be awarded four marks. The unanswered questions will receive no (positive/negative) mark.