Electronics & Communication -

भारत सरकार के आदेशनुसार सभी भुगतान सिर्फ चेक, ड्राफ्ट , ऑनलाइन या नेट बैंकिंग के द्वारा किये जाएंगे




Electronics & Communication engineers gain knowledge about number of peripheral devices such as real time control & sing processing hardware, high-resolution image capturing devices & communication network. So we can say focus is on communication here. The term ‘electronics’ occupies in the vast realm of communication discloses the in-depth assimilation of the idea, “where we were and where we are now”. This idea comes alive through all products and services like cell phones, i pods, and also through the design and application of electronic devices, signal processing, circuit and systems and communication that Electronics & Communication Engineering encompasses. While imparting the curriculum knowledge the Electronics and Communication Engineering Department at Sridhar also works on the principle of bringing forth insightful improvements in all the products and services of the specified field.

Prominent Labs

  • Electronics workshop
  • Electronics Lab
  • Instrumentation &Electronic Measurement Lab
  • Industrial Electronic Lab
  • Wireless Communication Lab
  • VLSI & Optical Fiber Lab

  • Digital Electronics Lab
  • Electronics Engineering Design Lab
  • Microwave Engineering Lab
  • Communication Lab
  • Signal processing Lab
  • Microprocessor Lab