shridhar university information

भारत सरकार के आदेशनुसार सभी भुगतान सिर्फ चेक, ड्राफ्ट , ऑनलाइन या नेट बैंकिंग के द्वारा किये जाएंगे

The University supports and promotes social awareness, constructive group discussions, symposiums, seminars, workshops, extension work and technical and scientific research on various topics of global, national and state interest, and any other relevant issues of common interest. Our initiatives will help promote human awareness, peace, prosperity, and intellectual growth across the Global, National as well as Rajasthan boundaries. The university shall promote following initiatives:

  • Green Energy including solar energy and bio-energy
  • Water conservation/ recycling
  • Global warming reduction
  • Waste recycling
  • Green Rajasthan
  • Heritage Rajasthan
  • Basic education to rural people (adults and children) on Health care & Hygiene, Family planning, Banking, Computer awareness and Agriculture sciences.

Our faculty, staff & students shall be a part of these ongoing initiatives, so as to create a friendly environment for promoting global responsibility, with focus on issues facing our country and our state. We are sure that any one contributing productively towards these sought initiatives shall make us feel proud in our Shridhar family.