Goals & Objectives - Shridhar University Pilani, Rajasthan

भारत सरकार के आदेशनुसार सभी भुगतान सिर्फ चेक, ड्राफ्ट , ऑनलाइन या नेट बैंकिंग के द्वारा किये जाएंगे

“Intelligence plus character -that is the goal of true education.”

(Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.)

• To potentially focus human energies in a positive direction. Done through our educational efforts, by including, with our academic curriculum, many features needed for a comprehensive human personality development, such as sports and various learning based clubs, we attempt to create a total transformation of an individual, at Shridhar University.
• To adopt a holistic approach to education, to help our students develop “Root Cause Analysis Techniques” and to further help them grow in “Analytical Skills.”
• To ensure our focused education system; nourishes innovation, creativity, entrepreneurship and good leadership qualities which are the requirements of our growing economy.
• To help students to understand the dignity of labor through our various EWL programs and other initiatives.
• To help learn and teach various Indian and international languages.
• To encourage original research, advancement and dissemination of human knowledge in India and in overseas.
• To promote human creativity, generate a safe and conducive environment for all human learning, and to help develop and create an intellectually stimulating life on the campus for our students and scholars.

There is an old Arab Proverb which say “There are four kinds of people; three of which are to be avoided and the fourth cultivated: those who don’t know that they don’t know; those who know that they don’t know’ those who don’t know that they know; and those who know that they know” It shall be our endeavor in Shridhar University to convert the first three categories of people into the fourth category through their educational transformation.